Dirty 30 Recap

"You show up to every race with the training you have, not the training you want... or something like that... whatever... it's mother flipping game time and I'm going to eat this (insert 4 lettered word) for breakfast. That didn’t sound right, wait, is that Tim Olson... ok keep breathing, it's just Tim Olson, he lives in Boulder, whatever... OMG HE SHOOK MY HAND!!! Today is going to be a good day!!!"

Falcon Punch 50k Fat Ass (2016)

Just two weeks after FRXC's Golden Shower 50k lived up to it's reputation by dumping loads of snow and causing some to consider cannibalism to stay alive, the Falcon Punch 50k turned out to have wintery weather ups and downs of it's own.  But, what's a Colorado mid-spring fun run without a barrage of snow, and a few moments of contempt for the Front Range Weather Gods?!


Behind The Rocks 50k (2016)

I'm an alpine guy. I like steep climbs, dirt, and the smell of pine trees. Dry desert slickrock and sand is new territory. I hadn't experienced this terrain at all outside of a few miles in high desert of the Eastern Sierra. That said, what's a race if you can't get just a little outside of your comfort zone?